The University Architect, Jon Soffa, AIA, actively collaborates with stakeholders to further the University’s goals for all campuses facilities and areas. The office of the University Architects provides stewardship of the University’s aesthetics, historic resources, and sustainability conscience for our campus development. Enabling possibilities, honoring the past, and engaging realities of today to provide the best-in-class facilities and environments in support of USC’s central mission “the development of human beings and society as a whole through the cultivation and enrichment of the human mind and spirit.”

Campus Planning

Determining land use, hardscape/landscape features, campus circulation, and site selection for new projects.

Historic Resource Planning

Preserving historical resources and observing regulatory requirements and other related guidelines.

Project Programming & Feasibility

Facilitating the translation of functional program needs into design concepts.

Project Design

Establishing design standards, facility sustainability guidelines, signage standards, and criteria for architect team selection.

Childs Way Looking West to Tutor Campus Center.  Courtesy of AC Martin Partners, circa 2006

Hecuba Queen of Troy.  Artist: Christopher Slatoff, Photo Courtesy of USC/Gus Ruelas circa 2017

Courtesy of HGA Architects circa 2015. 1. Mudd Hall of Philosophy Looking West. 2.Statue at Bovard Administration Building. 3. Chimney at Gwynn Wilson Student Union.

Courtesy of HGA Architects circa 2015. 1. International Plaza Looking South to Steven and Kathryn Sample Hall. 2. International Plaza Looking North to Bovard Administration Building. 3. Detail Relief at Gwynn Wilson Student Union.  

Even seemingly minuscule changes can impact the movement of life in this multi-modal world. USC is constantly looking forward and planning to maximize the safety and efficiency of travel throughout our campuses.

USC Michelson Hall

Envisioning and creating environments to maximize the ways in which they support the intended use.

Stevens Hall

The University of Southern California Historic District is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. This is the area roughly bounded by W. Jefferson & W. Exposition Blvds., S. Figueroa St. & McClintock Ave.

Effective signage is essential. USC signage is thoroughly assessed and adheres to strict policy guidelines.

Sustainability is inherent to our work.