Facilities Management Services

Facilities Management Services (FMS) is responsible for the day-to-day operation, repair, and maintenance of USC’s buildings, infrastructure, and grounds on the University Park and Health Sciences campuses, the Wrigley Institute on Catalina Island, and various leased spaces. We manage this with a team of 400 dedicated hardworking employees who represent a broad range of professional expertise along with a contracted workforce at UPC of approximately 200 custodians.

At FMS, we maintain over $8.5 billion of USC’s physical assets with an unyielding dedication to quality service, sustainability, and cost-efficiency. Preserving the university’s assets and providing Quality Customer Service are our top two strategic goals.

Facilities Management Services is divided into three units whose directors/managers all report to the Associate Vice President of FMS.

Although we have multiple campuses to serve, we function as one unified organization where our
leaders are responsible for their respective departments across all locations. Our services are
coordinated through our friendly and dedicated Customer Resource Center team.

Customer Resource Center