Shutdown Process

Building equipment or utilities shutdowns are often needed for plumbing repairs, alarm testing/deactivation, or for construction projects. It may be necessary to shutdown one or more building utility such as domestic water, fire sprinklers, steam, HVAC water, HVAC, electricity, gas, elevators and fire alarms. 

Project managers submit a shutdown request to the Customer Resource Center 14 days prior to the date of the shutdown to allow for proper processing, planning and customer notification. CRC sends an e-mail 14 days prior to inform the customers affected by the shutdown. The CRC contact list for shutdowns is over 600 strong.  If you would like to be included on this list, please call 213 740-6833.

Notice of the shutdown information is posted in the building 2-3 days prior to the shutdown.

Shutdowns can impact campus customers in a wide variety of ways. We encourage you to pay special attention to postings and contact us immediately with questions or concerns.

Shutdown Color Code

Water (any type): Blue
Power (any type): Orange
Fire Life Safety (any type): Red
Elevator, Construction Project Notice, or Painting: Yellow
HVAC (any type): Green