Events Planning 2023

FPM Events Department takes pride in offering quality service to assist campus departments, student organizations, and external customers with all aspects of event planning and related estimating services. Planning events can be a long and tedious process and by working in partnership with other USC departments, we help clients organize successful events and help ensure that all events adhere to university protocol. Additionally, we are responsible for coordinating FPM crews for campus events to ensure efficiency, cost effectiveness and timeliness of service. 

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Requirements for all types of events. Please complete ALL steps below.

Cost Breakdown for Events:

USC Materials Standards

The following information lays out standards for to-go food and beverage materials at USC. All service-ware must either be COMPOSTABLE or RECYCLABLE (as defined for USC below).

Definitions for USC Events

CompostableUncoated papers (cellulose fibers such as trees, bagasse, potato, banana leaf)
– NO glossy, colored or waxed paper products.
– NO compostable PLA- #7 plastics
– Materials must be Certified Compostable. Acceptable product certifications include: ASTM D-6400, BPI, Cedar Grove
RecyclableClean and empty paper, metal, and glass materials. Single-use plastic beverage bottles are prohibited in compliance with USC’s Single-use Plastic Elimination–Beverage Bottles Policy.

Compliance Checklist

Reusable/refillable food and beverage options should be used whenever possible.

Office Hours:

Open: Monday – Friday 7:00 AM – 5:30 PM Closed: Saturday, Sunday and Holidays

For after-hours and urgent requests, Call CRC (24/7). Emergency calls cannot be processed via web.

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